Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why you might think I like Donald Trump...but I only agree with him on some issues

I have been recently challenged to write about why I like Donald Trump.  My first response is just because you're voting for someone doesn't mean you personally like them. I didn't vote for him in the primary. Up until this election, most candidates that I've voted for are ones that I think I would like if I personally knew them.  But, in this election year has mostly everyone all shook up in the liking category.

Personally, I don't know Trump well enough to either like him or dislike him. From some things that he has said, I don't think I'd be personal close friends with the guy.  I doubt many of my democratic friends feel that they would be friendly with Clinton either. But, alas, we need to pick someone. We pick someone who has similar values as we do and a direction the country will go towards.

I admit that I struggled myself with the idea of not voting this year.  I vote every primary and major election so for me tempted not to vote, we know it's pretty bad.  I need to vote though and have my little number count for something.  If you don't go vote, then no complaining about our country.

I do agree with Trump  though on some crucial issues.  I agree with him on pro-life issues. He is the only pro life candidate. I agree with him on the second amendment and his views on implementing gun control that we have. We don't really implement the laws we already have. I think we let many things go and no real punishment. I agree that women and men should be paid equally for the same job. I agree in equal rights for everyone.  I agree with him on that ISIS is a bigger problem than Clinton seems to see it. I've been following ISIS for a few years now because they target Christians, children,women, minorities and disabilities.  They kill brutally and abuse people horribly. I'm concerned for our future with ISIS if not handled.

When I say ISIS, I'm talking about the extremists that kill and hurt others. Not all of Islam. But, the sect that is taking things to the extreme and killing mass amounts of people.  It is scary because it is real and happening.  I think the media has blown Trump a bad rap on ISIS by calling him a racist, bigot, crazy and anything else. I think he's being realistic by targeting ISIS. I'm not sure if Clinton sees the reality in this, but Trump seems to.

I agree with Trump that the media is liberal. It always has been and it is annoying.  You can tell in the headlines and the spin in articles. I don't think it is right or fair.  Trump does say outrageous things but media spins it into much worse and often not true on the intention. Clinton has publicly lied and cheated, but somehow it's forgiven five minutes after in the media.  I don't agree in unfairness.

Voting for Trump doesn't make me crazy, racist, anti women and everything else negative thrown out there.  I don't agree with him on everything, and I wish he'd think more carefully on what he says and targets. But at this point, no other choice really fits my values in general.


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