Monday, July 25, 2016

The hypocrisy in abortion and Clinton

Clinton doesn't agree that babies with Down syndrome should live if parents don't want a baby with Down syndrome. This is a huge part of why I'm Republican, and I see the Democratic Party as hypocritical.  Last night all I heard was democrats are for everyone and all people matter.  I wish that was the case, but it isn't.

I was so sad when each time a speaker at the DNC mentioned abortion rights that the crowd cheered! Really? Happy that there are a million abortions a year, and mostly are babies who had Down syndrome and other disabilities. Some babies were said to be disabled in a pre natal test and those tests aren't even 100 percent accurate.

 Clinton believes that there shouldn't be an abortion ban based on wanting a boy or girl, disability, black or white etc. To me, it's personal- it says people with disabilities or a minority aren't worth saving if a parent doesn't want the baby.

We all know a fetus is a young human - a young baby. The pro choice groups try to de humanize the unborn baby by calling the baby just a fetus. A fetus is just a Latin word meaning young one. Fetus doesn't mean trash, clump of cells, dispose of material. Someone told me pro choicers aren't stupid and they know all of this. If that's really the case, how can they say it's okay to kill the fetus?

We all should know abortion stops a heart beat hence ending a life. If abortion doesn't kill then why would a human heart stop beating?Democrats are heavy into black lives matter but does it matter for the unborn black boy or girl? As far as race, black babies are aborted more than white babies. As far as gender, more females are aborted than boys.  Now you tell me how the Democratic Party is pro female, pro black America, pro disabilities when today they have no qualms that thousands of them will die a traumatic death?

Sure, you can bring up rape. Rape is horrible and traumatic.  I pray each day no woman is ever raped. Did you know that the reality of a baby being conceived is one percent? Did you also know that many of these women who are in the one percent often choose to keep the baby or adopt the baby out because they know that the baby is just as innocent as the woman. 

If Hilary Clinton is so big on children, she shouldn't discriminate which child is worth caring for and which isn't.  All children should matter.


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