Saturday, July 30, 2016

The hypocrisy of Clinton's children are watching commercial

Quite a few times my husband and I couldn't help but chuckle over Clinton's commercial with young children watching Donald Trump speak.  We chuckle because why would these young children be watching Donald Trump speaking? The kids in the commercial are very young. Some look as young as three years old, and they are intently watching political news? Not likely.

I'm a mom of two children.  I'm not perfect from protecting them from every piece of news, but I do my best.  I never have it on with them in the room.  And, even when I did watch the convention, do you know what convention upset my daughter the most? Hilary Clinton.

Hilary Clinton had women on there talking how glad they are that abortion is safe and legal.  Now my daughter asks me what that means?! Now thanks Clinton making me to my very loving, wouldn't hurt a fly daughter how people are happy to have the choice to kill their unborn baby.  Now she isn't stupid, she has felt my son kick inside me and saw all the ultrasound pictures. She even knows an unborn baby is a baby - a human - a person.  My daughter reacted very much as I did when I learned about abortion - with much disgust and confusion. 

Then she was very confused why these women were so happy about it.  I didn't really know how to answer because I honestly don't understand it myself. Most of my discussions with pro choice women are usually them telling me abortion is tragic, hopefully the last resort, and it's sad. But women on TV cheer whenever abortion rights are mentioned. Is this the message you want for young girls, Hilary?

But, back to the commercial endorsed by Clinton.  On Monday, my daughter waited with me at the car repair shop as my van was being fixed. The TV was on and the Clinton commercial came on.  I tried everything to distract her.  To be honest, I never saw most of the clips that Clinton dug up on Trump. My daughter doesn't sit and watch news channels- most kids don't , Hilary! So, why are you playing this for them to see? One reason, so you can get votes. Once again, hypocritical Clinton.

I believe Clinton's commercial is far more damaging to a child than when Trump actually spoke it. They are out of context and on adult topics that most children do not watch but these commercials play all day.

Then the commercial ends saying our kids are watching.  Yes, Clinton, they are watching you being able to run for president even though the FBI said technically you should be convicted.  They are watching people who vote for you be excited about having the right to abort a baby.  They are watching your ridiculous commercials with sound bites that they probably would've never seen if it weren't for you shoving it in their face. That is what our kids are watching - bad information from you and not a very good role model.


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