Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I am pro life and voting for Trump and here is why

Lately, there have been blog posts circulating about being pro-life and voting Clinton. I've read them, and even though they are well written and try to justify voting Clinton. However, Clinton remains the most pro-abortion candidate that has ran for president.  She will hold the key to put Supreme Court justices in power that will make lasting laws about not only abortion but euthanasia, infanticide. She makes a national statement that certain human beings just aren't valuable enough to live.

Hilary Clinton said in April that the unborn baby has no constitutional rights.  Clinton has the endorsement of planned parenthood which is the largest abortion provider in America.  This is the first time Planned Parenthood has endorsed a candidate so that should tell you how much she is in support of abortion. Clinton wants Medicaid to pay for abortions. In this case, like it or not, your taxes will be used to end human lives. 

In May 2015, the House passed a law that protects unborn babies that are 20 weeks and older from the painful abortion process. Countless studies have been conducted proving unborn babies can feel especially at 20 weeks.  Clinton chooses to ignore all medical research and studies and supports abortion until the baby is born.  This includes partial birth abortion.  There is no medical basis to partially birth abort a baby. A baby that is going to die anyway can die peacefully in their parents arms rather than the painful act of abortion.  How would you prefer to die?

Clinton has called any bill that protects an unborn baby to be a dangerous trend. She says she wants to reduce abortion but turns down any legislation that helps the unborn baby live.  To me, this is beyond pro choice but the opposite and simply not caring about the baby whatsoever. 

Have you noticed a decline in people who have Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, missing limbs, dwarfism, spina bifida and more disabilities?  Genetic testing and doctors pushing abortion to parents are big reasons.  Clinton is against banning abortion based on disability, gender, race.  If they detect a test for sexual orientation, I'm positive Clinton won't ban abortion based on orientation as well.

Clinton says Republicans should trust women.  Abortion rights isn't about trusting women, but education and being factual. Unborn babies are living human beings with bodies, beating hearts, brain waves and unique experiences.  They need to be protected especially those who are 20 weeks and older. Babies with disabilities should be given a chance to have life.  Ultrasounds need to be available to women contemplating abortion, facts about fetal development, facts about disabilities.  Did you know the most common abortions are black, girl or disabled babies?

In my opinion, Trump isn't perfect but Clinton is very dangerous. She ignores research and feels superior in choosing who lives and dies. Not only that, but what information you'll receive about the unborn baby might not be readily available. This will spread into other laws about not helping a baby live after a botched abortion, euthanizing the disabled, weak etc. This isn't made up, folks. Our nation is at a pivotal place right now to either protect or let die.

When you vote, please think about everything and the big picture.  Babies are our future. There are at least 700,000 abortions a year in America at any stage and age - for any reason.  It's time to not only think about yourselves but our future.  Do you really want a candidate that is okay with abortion of the baby at any age for any reason?


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