Monday, January 30, 2017

Let's talk facts and opinions with immigration

Fact: Obama did the same thing Trump is doing in 2011 with the list of countries that the Obama administration created. There are minor differences but nothing major. This is only for 90 days to get together a better security system. This isn't about hate - it's about security.

Opinion: I can't help but to be very annoyed by all the misinformation and twisted facts.  People that do not like Trump are using every single order he does as a way to protest and make a big deal without understanding.  I have a feeling that many of these protesters don't even know what the order is all about. I think they're protesting just because it's against Trump without even understanding why.  If people would calm down, read multiple news sites, listen to interviews and news confrences then the hysteria would disappear.

I also believe that Obama praising the protesters is completely unprofessional.  He did about the same thing that Trump is doing just by a different title.

Obviously, people couldn't be warned or the country would flood with people meant to do harm. I'm really sad to see that people are complaining that he is signing executive orders and actually protecting our safety, small businesses and unborn babies. Trump is actually working and doing exactly what he planned to do.  He won because people wanted a safer country, affordable health care and a change in policy.

Yes, people protested when Obama won, but not to this degree.  Protest is fine but blocking streets and not being informed correctly is causing more of a problem.

It's okay to admit Trump might be correct on certain issues.  Please stop spreading hate, lies and acting crazy unless you really understand the facts.  This is not okay to see constant put downs about our President and complete disrespect.  It's getting old and people are tired of the hate (and the hate is certainly not coming from Trump.)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm a woman who has a disability and voted for Trump

I'm a definite minority in so many ways on a daily basis.  But when it comes to politics, I'm seen as a minority even within the disability community. I'm a woman who has cerebral palsy, and I am pleased that Donald Trump won the election. In fact, I'm thrilled about the inauguration while most of my friends with disabilities are disappointed. I'm confused why there is a disconnect in our reasonings, but I will continue educating others why I disagree with them.

For those who know me, they know that I'm a  fan of truth and facts. I don't usually use my emotions on important issues to make decisions. I like facts and statistics so I'm educated and can form an educated decision. On the contrary , the mainstream media has always been swayed to give their information from only one point of view.  Back when I went to high school during the early nineties, I first noticed faulty journalism when they were negative on everything a conservative said or did.

Every story has at least two perspectives, but most news outlets only tell you one side  with their skewed point of view.  Trump has called the mainstream media out for their false journalism and one sided views.  For this reason, I agree with Trump.

I'm also proud to say that I am a single issue voter because the issue is that important- especially as someone who has a disability.  I am against abortion, and I fight for the right that every human being has a right to life. Most of my friends with disabilities don't see abortion as an important issue and believe that it's a valid choice. 

As someone with a disability, I'm outraged that one in every three babies are aborted based on a  disability.  This means that if a baby is missing a hand, they can be aborted. Babies with Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, dwarfism and spina bifida hardly have a chance to be born due to abortion.  Pregnant women are pressured into genetic testing.  If a test leans to the baby having a disability,  mothers are guilted into aborting the baby. 

The numbers of babies with disabilities being aborted are horrifying. Yet most people with disabilities choose to ignore the facts.  Yes, a woman carries the baby within her body, but that doesn't mean the baby is worthless. The baby is a separate individual that has his or her own destiny. With greater technology, we can see the unborn baby in ways we couldn't see before. 

The argument that the baby is a clump of cells is proven to be false by an ultrasound. I agree with Trump that abortion is wrong to do for any reason, but especially aborting based on gender and disabilities. Why do I seem so alone on this issue? Why aren't more people with disabilities outraged? Having a disability doesn't make our lives less meaningful, but it makes our lives more beautiful.

Lastly, I don't believe Trump made fun of a reporter who has a disability.  I researched and saw Trump had made the exact same movements when talking about any reporter that he wasn't fond of for not being factual.  I actually thought it was interesting that other people with disabilities were angry over that, but was fine with Clinton saying abortion was okay for disabled babies.  I really do not understand.

I don't agree with everything Trump has done or said. However, the alternative doesn't even believe many of us with disabilities should be alive. So now, I'm hopeful about our future of our country.  I don't think we are going backwards but we are moving forward as a country based on facts instead of fiction. A country that respects the dignity of life from any stage and any disability.  I hope one day that I'm not a minority on these issues but I'll be a majority.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump President Elect My Thoughts

Last night was an exciting time for us.  My daughter and I were watching the election, and I kept reminding her that Clinton might very well win, and it would be okay.  We aren't disgusting, stupid, ignorant or racist people.  You see that is how I've been painted all day on social media and in person.  I've been unfriended on social media and maybe in person.  But I'm still happy today.

I voted for Trump not because I'm anti gay, anti women, anti disability, racist or anything like that. I'm a Republican because I'm pro life. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I am pro life and voting for Trump and here is why

Lately, there have been blog posts circulating about being pro-life and voting Clinton. I've read them, and even though they are well written and try to justify voting Clinton. However, Clinton remains the most pro-abortion candidate that has ran for president.  She will hold the key to put Supreme Court justices in power that will make lasting laws about not only abortion but euthanasia, infanticide. She makes a national statement that certain human beings just aren't valuable enough to live.

Hilary Clinton said in April that the unborn baby has no constitutional rights.  Clinton has the endorsement of planned parenthood which is the largest abortion provider in America.  This is the first time Planned Parenthood has endorsed a candidate so that should tell you how much she is in support of abortion. Clinton wants Medicaid to pay for abortions. In this case, like it or not, your taxes will be used to end human lives. 

In May 2015, the House passed a law that protects unborn babies that are 20 weeks and older from the painful abortion process. Countless studies have been conducted proving unborn babies can feel especially at 20 weeks.  Clinton chooses to ignore all medical research and studies and supports abortion until the baby is born.  This includes partial birth abortion.  There is no medical basis to partially birth abort a baby. A baby that is going to die anyway can die peacefully in their parents arms rather than the painful act of abortion.  How would you prefer to die?

Clinton has called any bill that protects an unborn baby to be a dangerous trend. She says she wants to reduce abortion but turns down any legislation that helps the unborn baby live.  To me, this is beyond pro choice but the opposite and simply not caring about the baby whatsoever. 

Have you noticed a decline in people who have Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, missing limbs, dwarfism, spina bifida and more disabilities?  Genetic testing and doctors pushing abortion to parents are big reasons.  Clinton is against banning abortion based on disability, gender, race.  If they detect a test for sexual orientation, I'm positive Clinton won't ban abortion based on orientation as well.

Clinton says Republicans should trust women.  Abortion rights isn't about trusting women, but education and being factual. Unborn babies are living human beings with bodies, beating hearts, brain waves and unique experiences.  They need to be protected especially those who are 20 weeks and older. Babies with disabilities should be given a chance to have life.  Ultrasounds need to be available to women contemplating abortion, facts about fetal development, facts about disabilities.  Did you know the most common abortions are black, girl or disabled babies?

In my opinion, Trump isn't perfect but Clinton is very dangerous. She ignores research and feels superior in choosing who lives and dies. Not only that, but what information you'll receive about the unborn baby might not be readily available. This will spread into other laws about not helping a baby live after a botched abortion, euthanizing the disabled, weak etc. This isn't made up, folks. Our nation is at a pivotal place right now to either protect or let die.

When you vote, please think about everything and the big picture.  Babies are our future. There are at least 700,000 abortions a year in America at any stage and age - for any reason.  It's time to not only think about yourselves but our future.  Do you really want a candidate that is okay with abortion of the baby at any age for any reason?


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Media biases are absolutely real

More than ever, the media has took hold of this election and pick democrat!  It's so obvious it's almost laughable, but today I'm not laughing at all.  There is a picture going around Facebook that suggests that Republicans tell women if they don't want to be raped then don't dress like a slut.  I'm a republican and would never ever say or think that. Spreading such lies about a whole political party is wrong and dangerous.  Spreading lies doesn't help to get to peace, but leads to hate and mistrust.

But, let's explore this election countless media biases.  For the fun of it, I googled Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to see what came up.  Donald Trump, first.  It was completely about Trump's sexual accusations.  That was it. Not his web site, policies, speeches - nothing. Then I googled Clinton, and her web site popped up, tweets, interviews and so on.  Nothing about the wiki leaks of emails with her million lies, degrading of Catholics, her deal with Bernie, her fake ads on Craigslist about Trump, racist emails, Clinton accusing Obama of fraud, Clinton making a very big deal over Obama ties to Muslim - nothing.  Facebook is now deleting conservative ads and YouTube pulled an Trump ad saying it was inappropriate, when it was far from it.

Now I don't like many of the things Trump has said, but I don't buy into "let's believe everything the media says," philosophy.  I did my own research on the women Trump supposedly assaulted.  Many do not even make sense.  Some happened supposedly when Trump wasn't even around.  Some happened to women who had husband's right next to them. If they seriously did happen, ok Trump needs to be dealt with, but how can he assault someone when he's not even there? Why are they coming out now?  They could have came out when he first ran for president or when he was chosen to be the candidate for president? But less than a month before the presidential election, they decided to speak up all at once?  Makes you wonder, I hope, anyway. 

I am not a hypocritical person by being a woman and supporting Trump. Like I said, I'm not a fan of what he has said on occasions or how he said it.  Just because I'm a woman doesn't make me not fact check and use my own brain.  Just because a woman accused Trump of assault, doesn't mean that I'm going to believe the media immediately .  Do you remember when Bill Clinton was accused of raping several women, yet the media and his wife, Hillary, laughed it off? She called the women, sluts, white trash.  I'd never call a woman accusing someone of assault any name. But I'd look into the facts.

I think Trump should be treated as Clinton in the media, and he isn't.  Clinton has said and done numerous actions that are severe enough to be in jail. She isn't because she's protected and FBI said they would just back off.  She has been caught on video saying horrible things about mentally challenged. Again, no big deal. Trump waved his arms around like he always does and gets blamed for making fun of people who have disabilities.  In which was proven false, but not a big deal on media to retract their accusations. Also, the story of Trump hating babies because he was equally joking with their mother.  Again, media made it out to seem horrible.r

It would be wonderful to be able to hear the facts and news with no biases. It would be nice to hear the good and bad about our candidates.  It would be nice not to judge a group of people based on a few and not the many.  This election has been exhausting for everyone, but I urge you before you vote to do your own checking of facts. Read from more than one or two sources. Think about who is saying what and why. Don't just hate someone because the ban wagon tells you to.  It is okay to change your mind based on new information or facts.  This makes us educated voters, instead of media zombies or clones.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The truth about Trump and the crying baby

This week the media decided to blow yet another Trump story out of proportion.  When I read it for the first time, I was angry as well.  But something told me that it was not the whole story, and I did a bit more research than the media apparently.

Donald Trump supposedly kicked out a mother because her baby was crying.  He supposedly said the baby was fine, but then he said take the baby out.  What the media doesn't tell you is the whole story, and he was joking with the mother and she was completely fine with it.

Donald Trump didn't kick a baby out of his talk.  The mother was already taking the baby out due to being polite and Trump was making a light hearted joke with the mother.   She said it was very light hearted and everyone was extremely nice to her. Read the mother's direct 
quote. Don't believe my link? You can find her same quote anywhere on the web. She wasn't offended because he didn't do anything wrong.

But, once again, the media bias and push for Clinton, made the story so slanted to purposely make Trump look bad.  Now if media has to lie to make Clinton look better - doesn't that tell you something?  The media also implies Trump makes fun of disabled people - and that was 

What cracks me up is that Clinton makes commercials after untrue clips. She can't say anything good about herself so she needs to continue to spread lies?  Now don't get me wrong- if this was true, go for it.  I cannot blame any candidate for using truthful information against the other. That's what candidates should do.   But, do a little fact checking before making false claims. Most Americans are smarter than this, and the media shouldn't have to lie.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why you might think I like Donald Trump...but I only agree with him on some issues

I have been recently challenged to write about why I like Donald Trump.  My first response is just because you're voting for someone doesn't mean you personally like them. I didn't vote for him in the primary. Up until this election, most candidates that I've voted for are ones that I think I would like if I personally knew them.  But, in this election year has mostly everyone all shook up in the liking category.

Personally, I don't know Trump well enough to either like him or dislike him. From some things that he has said, I don't think I'd be personal close friends with the guy.  I doubt many of my democratic friends feel that they would be friendly with Clinton either. But, alas, we need to pick someone. We pick someone who has similar values as we do and a direction the country will go towards.

I admit that I struggled myself with the idea of not voting this year.  I vote every primary and major election so for me tempted not to vote, we know it's pretty bad.  I need to vote though and have my little number count for something.  If you don't go vote, then no complaining about our country.

I do agree with Trump  though on some crucial issues.  I agree with him on pro-life issues. He is the only pro life candidate. I agree with him on the second amendment and his views on implementing gun control that we have. We don't really implement the laws we already have. I think we let many things go and no real punishment. I agree that women and men should be paid equally for the same job. I agree in equal rights for everyone.  I agree with him on that ISIS is a bigger problem than Clinton seems to see it. I've been following ISIS for a few years now because they target Christians, children,women, minorities and disabilities.  They kill brutally and abuse people horribly. I'm concerned for our future with ISIS if not handled.

When I say ISIS, I'm talking about the extremists that kill and hurt others. Not all of Islam. But, the sect that is taking things to the extreme and killing mass amounts of people.  It is scary because it is real and happening.  I think the media has blown Trump a bad rap on ISIS by calling him a racist, bigot, crazy and anything else. I think he's being realistic by targeting ISIS. I'm not sure if Clinton sees the reality in this, but Trump seems to.

I agree with Trump that the media is liberal. It always has been and it is annoying.  You can tell in the headlines and the spin in articles. I don't think it is right or fair.  Trump does say outrageous things but media spins it into much worse and often not true on the intention. Clinton has publicly lied and cheated, but somehow it's forgiven five minutes after in the media.  I don't agree in unfairness.

Voting for Trump doesn't make me crazy, racist, anti women and everything else negative thrown out there.  I don't agree with him on everything, and I wish he'd think more carefully on what he says and targets. But at this point, no other choice really fits my values in general.