Sunday, August 7, 2016

The truth about Trump and the crying baby

This week the media decided to blow yet another Trump story out of proportion.  When I read it for the first time, I was angry as well.  But something told me that it was not the whole story, and I did a bit more research than the media apparently.

Donald Trump supposedly kicked out a mother because her baby was crying.  He supposedly said the baby was fine, but then he said take the baby out.  What the media doesn't tell you is the whole story, and he was joking with the mother and she was completely fine with it.

Donald Trump didn't kick a baby out of his talk.  The mother was already taking the baby out due to being polite and Trump was making a light hearted joke with the mother.   She said it was very light hearted and everyone was extremely nice to her. Read the mother's direct 
quote. Don't believe my link? You can find her same quote anywhere on the web. She wasn't offended because he didn't do anything wrong.

But, once again, the media bias and push for Clinton, made the story so slanted to purposely make Trump look bad.  Now if media has to lie to make Clinton look better - doesn't that tell you something?  The media also implies Trump makes fun of disabled people - and that was 

What cracks me up is that Clinton makes commercials after untrue clips. She can't say anything good about herself so she needs to continue to spread lies?  Now don't get me wrong- if this was true, go for it.  I cannot blame any candidate for using truthful information against the other. That's what candidates should do.   But, do a little fact checking before making false claims. Most Americans are smarter than this, and the media shouldn't have to lie.


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