Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My surprising thoughts on Michelle Obama's speech

I felt very impressed with Michelle Obama's speech last night.  She did very well expressing herself and being inspirational. Clinton should be counting her lucky stars to have Michelle in her corner. She is much more likable, approachable and believable than Clinton. I'm almost positive she would win the election for president.

But (yes, you guessed it - there is a but,) there were a few points in her speech that I didn't quite agree with.

I also have a daughter, and I always love a good role model for her to look up to. However, Clinton isn't one of them.  Just because she's a woman and running for president doesn't make her an awesome role model for girls. Clinton lied numerous times about some very crucial information and activities.  If you read her track record, it seems as if she lied more than not.  Technically, Clinton should be in jail.  

I'm all for a woman president. As a little girl, I wanted it to be me.  However, I'd like a woman that I can trust, has integrity and values all people.  That's not her.

Michelle talked about children and how much Clinton loves them.  I have a problem with that.  If Clinton truly loved children, she wouldn't vote like she does against the youngest of them all.  She doesn't think that there should be a ban on abortion based on gender, race, disability or anything for that matter. So, that means at 12 weeks when I see my little girl growing in me and disappointed that it's a girl, I can kill her. No problem.  Or if I don't like the race of my son, I can kill him. Or if I see my baby boy is missing a finger, I can get rid of him.

Again, very hypocritical.  How can someone advocate loving children when you support killing the most vulnerable child of them all?

Michelle also says that America is great now.  I like living in America and it definitely has its advantages. But I don't think it's great!  We aren't acknowledging the truth of ISIS or how to combat them.  We allow abortions even partial birth abortion for any reason. School choice is being neglected and excellent schools are being hurt because they aren't public schools. Cops are being murdered. Some cops are corrupt and being racist.  Yet in inner cities, people who are black are shooting other people who are black daily but that's acceptable. People with disabilities have a very difficult time getting a job and even a harder time getting a wheelchair that they need.

America isn't great -- it's good - but not great.

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