Sunday, October 16, 2016

Media biases are absolutely real

More than ever, the media has took hold of this election and pick democrat!  It's so obvious it's almost laughable, but today I'm not laughing at all.  There is a picture going around Facebook that suggests that Republicans tell women if they don't want to be raped then don't dress like a slut.  I'm a republican and would never ever say or think that. Spreading such lies about a whole political party is wrong and dangerous.  Spreading lies doesn't help to get to peace, but leads to hate and mistrust.

But, let's explore this election countless media biases.  For the fun of it, I googled Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to see what came up.  Donald Trump, first.  It was completely about Trump's sexual accusations.  That was it. Not his web site, policies, speeches - nothing. Then I googled Clinton, and her web site popped up, tweets, interviews and so on.  Nothing about the wiki leaks of emails with her million lies, degrading of Catholics, her deal with Bernie, her fake ads on Craigslist about Trump, racist emails, Clinton accusing Obama of fraud, Clinton making a very big deal over Obama ties to Muslim - nothing.  Facebook is now deleting conservative ads and YouTube pulled an Trump ad saying it was inappropriate, when it was far from it.

Now I don't like many of the things Trump has said, but I don't buy into "let's believe everything the media says," philosophy.  I did my own research on the women Trump supposedly assaulted.  Many do not even make sense.  Some happened supposedly when Trump wasn't even around.  Some happened to women who had husband's right next to them. If they seriously did happen, ok Trump needs to be dealt with, but how can he assault someone when he's not even there? Why are they coming out now?  They could have came out when he first ran for president or when he was chosen to be the candidate for president? But less than a month before the presidential election, they decided to speak up all at once?  Makes you wonder, I hope, anyway. 

I am not a hypocritical person by being a woman and supporting Trump. Like I said, I'm not a fan of what he has said on occasions or how he said it.  Just because I'm a woman doesn't make me not fact check and use my own brain.  Just because a woman accused Trump of assault, doesn't mean that I'm going to believe the media immediately .  Do you remember when Bill Clinton was accused of raping several women, yet the media and his wife, Hillary, laughed it off? She called the women, sluts, white trash.  I'd never call a woman accusing someone of assault any name. But I'd look into the facts.

I think Trump should be treated as Clinton in the media, and he isn't.  Clinton has said and done numerous actions that are severe enough to be in jail. She isn't because she's protected and FBI said they would just back off.  She has been caught on video saying horrible things about mentally challenged. Again, no big deal. Trump waved his arms around like he always does and gets blamed for making fun of people who have disabilities.  In which was proven false, but not a big deal on media to retract their accusations. Also, the story of Trump hating babies because he was equally joking with their mother.  Again, media made it out to seem horrible.r

It would be wonderful to be able to hear the facts and news with no biases. It would be nice to hear the good and bad about our candidates.  It would be nice not to judge a group of people based on a few and not the many.  This election has been exhausting for everyone, but I urge you before you vote to do your own checking of facts. Read from more than one or two sources. Think about who is saying what and why. Don't just hate someone because the ban wagon tells you to.  It is okay to change your mind based on new information or facts.  This makes us educated voters, instead of media zombies or clones.

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