Thursday, July 28, 2016

In answer to comments on my Facebook about Trump

A conversation became way too long on Facebook so I decided to answer or retort here. Unfortunately, I doubt what I say will matter since this person seems strong for Clinton, but you never know.

I was asked how I can stand by my article about Trump supposedly making fun of the reporter.  She admits that Trump spasms all of the time so I think that answers her own question.  My article outlined my reasons, and even showed examples of Trump making the exact same gestures about a non disabled person as he did a disabled person. Where is the proof that he was making fun of the disability? I showed proof that he wasn't.  No one has to believe me or Trump, for that matter, but I stand by my article.

The comments to me then continue saying Trump mocks people who support him.  Personally, I haven't seen him mock his supporters. I've seen him mock liberal reporters and people that make false allegations against him. He mocks other political figures.  But, I haven't seen him mock his supporters.  Where is the proof?

And I'm not sure if every Clinton voter agrees with EVERYTHING Clinton says and does, but perhaps.  I don't agree with everything Trump says or does.  But we have to pick one for president. 

Then this person thinks Trump has an alliance with Putin.  Do you really think Putin has the time to leak information about Clinton? I personally think it's rather funny to picture him doing this.  I think if he did do it, he's a genius and America should be thankful for letting us know how corrupt the DNC has been. And, like Trump says, if he can find the 30,000 deleted emails that democrats repeatedly want to ignore, more power to him.

Then the person comments on the fact that I won't vote for Hilary because of her stance on abortion. I am pro-life so voting for Clinton would not align with my beliefs. Trump admits he was pro-choice, but a personal experience changed him to pro-life. Clinton has repeatedly voted for more and more easy abortion laws.  She is known to be very pro choice even within her own party. Her best friend is Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood that does most abortions in America. I will provide links on Clinton's record on abortion.

Hilary Clinton has also voted for partial birth abortion every opportunity she could.

The person also questioned what woman would die to have a baby? Plenty of women.  I'd die for any of my kids born or not born yet. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I became a mother to love and protect my baby.  Some may call this selfish to die for your unborn baby and leave your other children motherless. But here is the thing - If a woman of three jumped in front of a speeding car to protect one of her kids, and the mom dies to protect her child - is she selfish or a hero? Your child is your child no matter age or size.

The person also suggested that a child with Down syndrome might be better off dead then with a family that ignores them and all they do is watch TV.  Oh my goodness, I'm trembling at this one.  First, no one should make a judgement on someone's quality of life. Who do you think you are, God? Someone's life isn't something you can measure based on how they are raised, what they do, think, believe, race or disability. A person is a value simply because they're alive.

If a child is abused, that's terrible and that's the issue. To say that the child is better off dead because of actions of the parents is ridiculous. I also know plenty of people that have had terrible upbringings but now are very productive happy people.  No one, absolutely no one, knows the future and what might change good or bad.  But, one thing is certain, to abort is to kill someone and death is permanent. 

Also, I know for a fact that doctors push abortion to someone carrying a child with Down syndrome or other disabilities. They talk about all the negatives and worst case scenarios. They say nothing about the joys, achievements, love, successes, and happiness a child brings.

Hilary Clinton saying we shouldn't ban aborting babies with disabilities is like saying those babies serve no purpose. That they have no value to her.  Now if she agreed with a ban on aborting babies with disabilities,  then she is saying that they are something worth saving. They have value.  Big difference and that difference matters in a president that has a country with thousands and thousands of people with disabilities.  Don't you wonder her decisions on assisted suicide and euthanasia? It all comes together at some point.

Think about all of the people who we are missing in the world. And, don't give me the overpopulation stuff because that's a ridiculous rationale for killing a person.

I'm sure I'll get plenty more negative comments.  I'd like to say I can answer each one, but it's time consuming. I'll try my best.  Thank you for all the positive comments. It's nice to know I'm making a positive impact.


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