Monday, January 30, 2017

Let's talk facts and opinions with immigration

Fact: Obama did the same thing Trump is doing in 2011 with the list of countries that the Obama administration created. There are minor differences but nothing major. This is only for 90 days to get together a better security system. This isn't about hate - it's about security.

Opinion: I can't help but to be very annoyed by all the misinformation and twisted facts.  People that do not like Trump are using every single order he does as a way to protest and make a big deal without understanding.  I have a feeling that many of these protesters don't even know what the order is all about. I think they're protesting just because it's against Trump without even understanding why.  If people would calm down, read multiple news sites, listen to interviews and news confrences then the hysteria would disappear.

I also believe that Obama praising the protesters is completely unprofessional.  He did about the same thing that Trump is doing just by a different title.

Obviously, people couldn't be warned or the country would flood with people meant to do harm. I'm really sad to see that people are complaining that he is signing executive orders and actually protecting our safety, small businesses and unborn babies. Trump is actually working and doing exactly what he planned to do.  He won because people wanted a safer country, affordable health care and a change in policy.

Yes, people protested when Obama won, but not to this degree.  Protest is fine but blocking streets and not being informed correctly is causing more of a problem.

It's okay to admit Trump might be correct on certain issues.  Please stop spreading hate, lies and acting crazy unless you really understand the facts.  This is not okay to see constant put downs about our President and complete disrespect.  It's getting old and people are tired of the hate (and the hate is certainly not coming from Trump.)

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