Saturday, July 30, 2016

The hypocrisy of Clinton's children are watching commercial

Quite a few times my husband and I couldn't help but chuckle over Clinton's commercial with young children watching Donald Trump speak.  We chuckle because why would these young children be watching Donald Trump speaking? The kids in the commercial are very young. Some look as young as three years old, and they are intently watching political news? Not likely.

I'm a mom of two children.  I'm not perfect from protecting them from every piece of news, but I do my best.  I never have it on with them in the room.  And, even when I did watch the convention, do you know what convention upset my daughter the most? Hilary Clinton.

Hilary Clinton had women on there talking how glad they are that abortion is safe and legal.  Now my daughter asks me what that means?! Now thanks Clinton making me to my very loving, wouldn't hurt a fly daughter how people are happy to have the choice to kill their unborn baby.  Now she isn't stupid, she has felt my son kick inside me and saw all the ultrasound pictures. She even knows an unborn baby is a baby - a human - a person.  My daughter reacted very much as I did when I learned about abortion - with much disgust and confusion. 

Then she was very confused why these women were so happy about it.  I didn't really know how to answer because I honestly don't understand it myself. Most of my discussions with pro choice women are usually them telling me abortion is tragic, hopefully the last resort, and it's sad. But women on TV cheer whenever abortion rights are mentioned. Is this the message you want for young girls, Hilary?

But, back to the commercial endorsed by Clinton.  On Monday, my daughter waited with me at the car repair shop as my van was being fixed. The TV was on and the Clinton commercial came on.  I tried everything to distract her.  To be honest, I never saw most of the clips that Clinton dug up on Trump. My daughter doesn't sit and watch news channels- most kids don't , Hilary! So, why are you playing this for them to see? One reason, so you can get votes. Once again, hypocritical Clinton.

I believe Clinton's commercial is far more damaging to a child than when Trump actually spoke it. They are out of context and on adult topics that most children do not watch but these commercials play all day.

Then the commercial ends saying our kids are watching.  Yes, Clinton, they are watching you being able to run for president even though the FBI said technically you should be convicted.  They are watching people who vote for you be excited about having the right to abort a baby.  They are watching your ridiculous commercials with sound bites that they probably would've never seen if it weren't for you shoving it in their face. That is what our kids are watching - bad information from you and not a very good role model.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

In answer to comments on my Facebook about Trump

A conversation became way too long on Facebook so I decided to answer or retort here. Unfortunately, I doubt what I say will matter since this person seems strong for Clinton, but you never know.

I was asked how I can stand by my article about Trump supposedly making fun of the reporter.  She admits that Trump spasms all of the time so I think that answers her own question.  My article outlined my reasons, and even showed examples of Trump making the exact same gestures about a non disabled person as he did a disabled person. Where is the proof that he was making fun of the disability? I showed proof that he wasn't.  No one has to believe me or Trump, for that matter, but I stand by my article.

The comments to me then continue saying Trump mocks people who support him.  Personally, I haven't seen him mock his supporters. I've seen him mock liberal reporters and people that make false allegations against him. He mocks other political figures.  But, I haven't seen him mock his supporters.  Where is the proof?

And I'm not sure if every Clinton voter agrees with EVERYTHING Clinton says and does, but perhaps.  I don't agree with everything Trump says or does.  But we have to pick one for president. 

Then this person thinks Trump has an alliance with Putin.  Do you really think Putin has the time to leak information about Clinton? I personally think it's rather funny to picture him doing this.  I think if he did do it, he's a genius and America should be thankful for letting us know how corrupt the DNC has been. And, like Trump says, if he can find the 30,000 deleted emails that democrats repeatedly want to ignore, more power to him.

Then the person comments on the fact that I won't vote for Hilary because of her stance on abortion. I am pro-life so voting for Clinton would not align with my beliefs. Trump admits he was pro-choice, but a personal experience changed him to pro-life. Clinton has repeatedly voted for more and more easy abortion laws.  She is known to be very pro choice even within her own party. Her best friend is Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood that does most abortions in America. I will provide links on Clinton's record on abortion.

Hilary Clinton has also voted for partial birth abortion every opportunity she could.

The person also questioned what woman would die to have a baby? Plenty of women.  I'd die for any of my kids born or not born yet. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I became a mother to love and protect my baby.  Some may call this selfish to die for your unborn baby and leave your other children motherless. But here is the thing - If a woman of three jumped in front of a speeding car to protect one of her kids, and the mom dies to protect her child - is she selfish or a hero? Your child is your child no matter age or size.

The person also suggested that a child with Down syndrome might be better off dead then with a family that ignores them and all they do is watch TV.  Oh my goodness, I'm trembling at this one.  First, no one should make a judgement on someone's quality of life. Who do you think you are, God? Someone's life isn't something you can measure based on how they are raised, what they do, think, believe, race or disability. A person is a value simply because they're alive.

If a child is abused, that's terrible and that's the issue. To say that the child is better off dead because of actions of the parents is ridiculous. I also know plenty of people that have had terrible upbringings but now are very productive happy people.  No one, absolutely no one, knows the future and what might change good or bad.  But, one thing is certain, to abort is to kill someone and death is permanent. 

Also, I know for a fact that doctors push abortion to someone carrying a child with Down syndrome or other disabilities. They talk about all the negatives and worst case scenarios. They say nothing about the joys, achievements, love, successes, and happiness a child brings.

Hilary Clinton saying we shouldn't ban aborting babies with disabilities is like saying those babies serve no purpose. That they have no value to her.  Now if she agreed with a ban on aborting babies with disabilities,  then she is saying that they are something worth saving. They have value.  Big difference and that difference matters in a president that has a country with thousands and thousands of people with disabilities.  Don't you wonder her decisions on assisted suicide and euthanasia? It all comes together at some point.

Think about all of the people who we are missing in the world. And, don't give me the overpopulation stuff because that's a ridiculous rationale for killing a person.

I'm sure I'll get plenty more negative comments.  I'd like to say I can answer each one, but it's time consuming. I'll try my best.  Thank you for all the positive comments. It's nice to know I'm making a positive impact.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How can I vote for Trump when he made fun of a person with a disability?

A huge question that I receive from people is, "Jessica, how can you possibly support Donald Trump when he made fun of a disabled reporter?" We've all seen the commercials and it was all over the place when it happened.  The first thing is many people say is the reporter has cerebral palsy.  He has a disability called arthogryposis that affects the development in your arms and legs. This is an important factor in the conversation but I'll get to that in a minute.

I obviously would never advocate making fun of anyone.  I even cringe when I see jokes of people making fun of Clinton's appearance, laugh and voice. I don't like when people make fun of Trump's hair. These things, like a disability, cannot be helped. Yet people make fun of them anyway. I have cerebral palsy, and I've been made fun of a million times. I'm not going to crumble and pout.  Life moves on, and I hope I don't behave like that to anyone else. 

But, to be honest, I'm not convinced that Trump even made fun of the reporter with arthogryposis. 

I just spent over thirty minutes viewing videos of Trump getting excited over reporters. His movements are practically identical for anyone he is angry with. Also, with arthogryposis, involuntary movements aren't part of the disability.  His limbs are basically stuck in one position but they aren't spastic when he talks.  He is still. Therefore, it wouldn't make any sense why Trump would be spastic when making fun of someone who isn't at all spastic. People with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disabilities have spasms when talking.  People with muscular disabilities do not. They rarely even have a speech disabilities as well.

In the supposed moment Trump made fun of this guy, Trump was moving spastically. The reporter doesn't do that. I believe this reporter used his disability to deflect from himself making untruths in his reporting. That's the whole reason why Trump was mad at him in the first place.  

But, instead of dealing with his own misgivings in his writings, he turned it around saying Trump made fun of him. Well played and probably gained a few Clinton votes. But, I'm a special education teacher and I have been around disabilities my entire life to know the difference. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry - but as of right now, I think I'm correct.

Trump, in multiple interviews about this reporter, repeats the same information.  Trump has spoken to possibly thousands of reporters through the years and doesn't even remember what the reporter looked like. How would he remember what this one looked like of all the thousands he has talked to? Trump doesn't strike me as a guy that remembers every face to the name. Now Trump might be lying or he is telling the truth but as we know in this election, the truth isn't a big factor on the Clinton side either. 

Hilary Clinton has been accused of making fun of people with mental challenges and retardation. Did she or didn't she? Can you prove it? If she did, would it sway your vote? My guess is no. 

I'm voting for Trump or I'm voting for no one.  I never said I'm a huge fan of Trump or even any kind of fan.. I like that he has no problems telling people exactly how he thinks and he doesn't play with political correctness.  I like that he's not owned by the GOP or the Democratic Party but he's fresh face to politics. I like that he doesn't like liberal media. I like that he works hard and he has done several good things for people and society. I like he is not afraid to stand up to ISIS and want to protect people in our country. I think he's more patriotic than Clinton. I think he is more pro life than Clinton. 

Is Donald Trump my first pick for president? No.  I wanted Ben Carson, and I like Trump's kids - wish they were running.  But, unfortunately, we have Trump or Clinton.  And I know I'm a woman and have a disability and should be voting for Clinton. However, I can't get behind someone who has done so many illegal things and lies - not once - but over and over again.  Clinton along with Obama are again the two most pro abortion politicians out there. Usually, pro-choicers are saddened by abortion and agree on some restrictions. They even acknowledge that the unborn baby has some rights at some point. Not Clinton.  A few days ago, she even said a baby at 40 weeks of gestation should have no rights at all.  

If someone is that far away from reality and logic, how can anyone trust her?  She's saying that killing a baby minutes before birth is fine but moments after is not.  And, as far as disabilities, Clinton sees no ban needed for aborting babies with disabilities.  How can someone care about disabilities and yet find nothing wrong in killing an unborn baby simply because of a disability? It doesn't make sense.

Please view this video of Trump getting excited over Cruz - he makes the same movements in the video of him allegedly making fun of the reporter. - - It's just Trump being his crazy self.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My surprising thoughts on Michelle Obama's speech

I felt very impressed with Michelle Obama's speech last night.  She did very well expressing herself and being inspirational. Clinton should be counting her lucky stars to have Michelle in her corner. She is much more likable, approachable and believable than Clinton. I'm almost positive she would win the election for president.

But (yes, you guessed it - there is a but,) there were a few points in her speech that I didn't quite agree with.

I also have a daughter, and I always love a good role model for her to look up to. However, Clinton isn't one of them.  Just because she's a woman and running for president doesn't make her an awesome role model for girls. Clinton lied numerous times about some very crucial information and activities.  If you read her track record, it seems as if she lied more than not.  Technically, Clinton should be in jail.  

I'm all for a woman president. As a little girl, I wanted it to be me.  However, I'd like a woman that I can trust, has integrity and values all people.  That's not her.

Michelle talked about children and how much Clinton loves them.  I have a problem with that.  If Clinton truly loved children, she wouldn't vote like she does against the youngest of them all.  She doesn't think that there should be a ban on abortion based on gender, race, disability or anything for that matter. So, that means at 12 weeks when I see my little girl growing in me and disappointed that it's a girl, I can kill her. No problem.  Or if I don't like the race of my son, I can kill him. Or if I see my baby boy is missing a finger, I can get rid of him.

Again, very hypocritical.  How can someone advocate loving children when you support killing the most vulnerable child of them all?

Michelle also says that America is great now.  I like living in America and it definitely has its advantages. But I don't think it's great!  We aren't acknowledging the truth of ISIS or how to combat them.  We allow abortions even partial birth abortion for any reason. School choice is being neglected and excellent schools are being hurt because they aren't public schools. Cops are being murdered. Some cops are corrupt and being racist.  Yet in inner cities, people who are black are shooting other people who are black daily but that's acceptable. People with disabilities have a very difficult time getting a job and even a harder time getting a wheelchair that they need.

America isn't great -- it's good - but not great.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The hypocrisy in abortion and Clinton

Clinton doesn't agree that babies with Down syndrome should live if parents don't want a baby with Down syndrome. This is a huge part of why I'm Republican, and I see the Democratic Party as hypocritical.  Last night all I heard was democrats are for everyone and all people matter.  I wish that was the case, but it isn't.

I was so sad when each time a speaker at the DNC mentioned abortion rights that the crowd cheered! Really? Happy that there are a million abortions a year, and mostly are babies who had Down syndrome and other disabilities. Some babies were said to be disabled in a pre natal test and those tests aren't even 100 percent accurate.

 Clinton believes that there shouldn't be an abortion ban based on wanting a boy or girl, disability, black or white etc. To me, it's personal- it says people with disabilities or a minority aren't worth saving if a parent doesn't want the baby.

We all know a fetus is a young human - a young baby. The pro choice groups try to de humanize the unborn baby by calling the baby just a fetus. A fetus is just a Latin word meaning young one. Fetus doesn't mean trash, clump of cells, dispose of material. Someone told me pro choicers aren't stupid and they know all of this. If that's really the case, how can they say it's okay to kill the fetus?

We all should know abortion stops a heart beat hence ending a life. If abortion doesn't kill then why would a human heart stop beating?Democrats are heavy into black lives matter but does it matter for the unborn black boy or girl? As far as race, black babies are aborted more than white babies. As far as gender, more females are aborted than boys.  Now you tell me how the Democratic Party is pro female, pro black America, pro disabilities when today they have no qualms that thousands of them will die a traumatic death?

Sure, you can bring up rape. Rape is horrible and traumatic.  I pray each day no woman is ever raped. Did you know that the reality of a baby being conceived is one percent? Did you also know that many of these women who are in the one percent often choose to keep the baby or adopt the baby out because they know that the baby is just as innocent as the woman. 

If Hilary Clinton is so big on children, she shouldn't discriminate which child is worth caring for and which isn't.  All children should matter.